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Theology of the Body: Part 4: How To Be Naked

Thus far the understanding of man’s original experience ‘in the beginning’ has perhaps felt a little dry and disconnected, for we are usually not accustomed to think in such a fashion about what I would call the primordial solidarity that we all share by virtue of being human. And to be sure, thinking about man’s original experience in terms of original solitude and unity can feel too abstract...

Theology of the Body: Part 3

Man’s original solitude is a starting point for understanding the theology of the body, and JP II sees in it and the corresponding words of Genesis 2 (“it is not good that the man should be alone”) a sort of “prelude” to the creation of the woman and the ‘original unity’ of man as male and female. JP II contrasts the account in Genesis 1 with that of Genesis 2 in that man’s solitude is not...

Theology of the Body: Part 2

After looking at the somewhat paradoxical relationship between the two situations of historical man- that of original innocence and his subsequent fallen-ness- JP II drew out an even deeper link between the situation of fallen-ness and the mystery of redemption that is inherent to historical man in and of himself, both objectively as being created in the image of God and in his own subjectivity...

Theology of the Body: Part 1

John Paul II (JP II) launches into his Theology of the Body by means of Jesus’ answer to the Pharisees about the grounds for divorce. In this well known passage Jesus, instead of taking sides in an intra-religious squabble over competing rabbinic interpretations, rather looks further back than the law of Moses, to the very beginning of marriage itself in its primordial form apart from any...

Theology of the Body: Introduction

Books can have a profound influence on our lives, molding how we think and the ways in which we approach the world. As someone who enjoys reading, I could name dozens of such works, but one that always seems to rise to the top is John Paul II’s Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body, not only because of its great depth and insight, but also because, well, this late pope...

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