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The Crazy Public Domain #4

For as long as human beings have been taking pictures, they have been taking pictures of cats. And as long as humans have been taking pictures of cats, they have been captioning those pictures. While lolcats may seem like a recent internet phenomenon, it has clearly been going on for much longer. Thus, lolcats are really much more of a retro thing. So, kick it old-school and go caption some...

Attitude Adjustment

rezlife began a new month-long series last night, entitled ‘Attitude Adjustment.’ This series will take a more in-depth look at the Beatitudes as found in Matthew 5. Even though ‘Beatitude’ in meaning has nothing to do with ‘attitude,’ (as beatitudines is Latin for ‘blessed’) the parallelism of the beatitudes themselves (blessed is this person/...

The Crazy Public Domain #3

I think I actually put this gem up on Facebook about a year ago, but it’s just too good to not re-post a second time. This is actually part of a collection called “The Little Folks of Animal Land.” It is over 100 pages full of images such as this.

The Crazy Public Domain #2

I don’t think this needs any comment. Except to say that people seem to have any easier time taming large cats that can kill you than taming house cats who at worst can leave surprises in your shoes.
Of course, that’s not to say the large cats wouldn’t try to leave surprises in your shoes. It’s simply that they might not fit, if you know what I mean.

The Crazy Public Domain #1

The Public Domain archives on Wikimedia Commons are a fascinating place. You can find any number of items that will cause you to ponder “What were they thinking?” Of course, the more reflective among us will no doubt extrapolate centuries hence and wonder what sort of reaction future societies will have in regards to the cultural mores and artistic sensibilities we hold dear. In the...

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