Photography: Janelle & Brandon

This past Sunday I had another fun photo shoot with my friends Janelle and Brandon Gregory. They are really fun to hang out with, and also fun to take pictures of! I was a little worried, as it started raining a little bit on the way to the location, but about the time we stopped the cars it had abated, and ended up being quite a lovely day for taking some photos. The sun was a little...

Photography: Kara & David

This past weekend I had what amounted to my first ever photo shoot that didn’t:
1. involve my wife (as the subject)
2. involve food
3. involve trees or flowers
Rather, we headed to downtown KC with Megan’s brother David and his girlfriend Kara to get some fun shots.

Photography: Megan

Yesterday Megan and I headed downtown to do a little bit of location scouting for a photo shoot later today. Late spring’s heat was upon us in all its fury, with nary a cloud to assuage its fire. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely day, and we got a few good photos out of the deal.

Photography: Love

A few weekends ago Megan and I were down in Wichita visiting my family, and I took some pictures of my grandma’s new apartment.
This one is their wedding picture, and I really love it.

Morning Light

I snapped this picture yesterday morning as the sunlight was streaming in our very dirty window.
I liked the way the light glanced off and flowed through the glass of this candle and the window.
Hopefully you will too.

Photography: Crown Center

Tonight Megan and I had our weekly date night. After sampling the festive fare of the inimitable Salty Iquana, complete with Iquana Dip and sopapillas, we headed out to Crown Center to walk. It has become one of our favorite spots, as there is lots of room to roam and plenty of things to do and see. Crown Center also holds some special memories for us, as our engagement pictures were taken there...

Photography: Fruit Cups

Megan made some really amazing dessert tonight- fruit cups! The fun twist on these is that the fruit is the cup.
So simple to make- just hollow out a huge strawberry, fill it with whipped cream, garnish with blueberries, and prepare your mouth for ecstasy.
While we were eating these, I snapped some pics, including an HDR shot.
Canon T2i
50mm 1.4
Topaz Adjust
Topaz DeNoise
Photoshop CS5

White Life

This morning as I was getting ready for work I noticed something rather interesting- a fair amount of my life revolves around white power cables. On my desk I saw a connector for the Kindle, for an iPhone, the cable leading from the mouse to the keyboard to the computer, and from the computer to the wall. Megan’s MacBook, of course, has the ubiquitous white power cable as well. After this...

More Balloonishness

I had a bit of time this weekend to finish up some pictures from a recent hot air balloon shoot. For these photos, I wanted to try out some new-ish techniques and really see how toy camera-ish I could get these to be. Cameras like the Holga have a sort of niche popularity for their soft focus, heavy vignetting and random light leaks. People with iPhones can take advantage of the Hipstamatic app...

Photography: Downtown Wichita

This past weekend Megan and I took a trip down to Wichita to see my family and just enjoy a relaxing few days away from KC. As usual, we made the pilgrimage to The Nifty Nut House and The Spice Merchant. However, this time while we were in downtown Wichita we decided to take some pictures of some of the brilliant architecture. Downtown Wichita, like many downtown areas, is a decided study in...

Photography: Overland Park Arboretum

Yesterday Megan and I headed out to the Overland Park Arboretum. If you live in southern Johnson County, you are no doubt aware that yesterday was absolutely beautiful. We took the camera along and caught some shots of the overwhelming aesthetic value of nature.

Photography: Botanica

Back in the beginning of this month Megan and I took a trip down to Wichita, KS to visit my family and to help my grandmother move into her new apartment. While we were there, we headed out to Botanica, The Wichita Gardens to enjoy the blooming flowers in the new light of the blossoming spring. Naturally, we brought the camera along to capture some of the beauty, which you will find below.

A Feast for Your Eyes (And For My Face)

My wife Megan is, as many of you know, a rather prolific food blogger. One of the advantages of being married to a food blogger is that I have the opportunity to try out all kinds of delicious food. I consider it one of the highest sacrifices of my love to so give of myself to be a taste-tester for all of her wonderful creations. With all the amazing dishes she has already made and is going to...

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