The No

There is a scene in the fine movie Becket where the newly ascended archbishop is made aware of how one of the barons has taken one of his priests into custody, the latter accused of debauching a girl in his parish. As the scene progresses, messengers arrive to inform Becket that the priest had tried to escape but was captured and put to death, when the law of the land was that ecclesial crimes...

Delectable Gradient Maps

I am excited to release this fun pack of 45 gradient map presets for both After Effects and Photoshop. Perfect for creating quick duo-tone or tri-tone images for your social media needs or for just subtly adding interesting color corrections to your images. These presets are flexible and easily modifiable, so you create nearly infinite varieties of looks. Installation instructions are included in...

New Camera

So for the last year or so I took on a bunch of freelance projects for the specific purpose of saving up some money to get the Canon 5D Mark II. Over the past few months, because of all the things going on with me, that kind of got put on hold, but was also complicated by recent rumors floating around concerning the Mark II’s hypothetical successor, the as yet unannounced Mark III. In...

Megan’s Photos

A couple weekends ago Megan and I headed out to Ironwoods Park to take some pictures. She loves photography about as much as I do, and she got some really compelling shots, so I thought I would share.

A Brief Reprieve

This past weekend I had the first two days in over a month when I actually felt like getting out of bed. Chemo can take its toll, and it has been hitting me really hard for the last couple of weeks, but fortunately I was granted a brief respite from the nausea and fatigue to enjoy the beautiful autumn that we are having. My friend Alex lent me his Canon 5D Mark II, and so Megan and I headed out...

Photography: Kyle Goebel

Last Thursday Megan and I headed down to the Crown Center area to shoot some senior pics for Kyle Goebel. Kyle is an amazing musician who is also developing his graphic and web design ninja skills.
We picked up this sweet old school set of headphones at a garage sale for 50 cents, and I thought they’d make a nice prop. And of course downtown KC has no lack of cool locations, so it was fun.

Megan of the Corn

I am always on the lookout for photo opportunities, and I found one that was just too good to pass up. On my way to work are these fields of corn, and they probably grow to about six feet high. I’ve always wanted to do some pictures in a cornfield, but I’ve never really had the chance. Well, yesterday as I was driving home from work I noticed that there was already a swath cut through...

Pictures Good Enough to Eat

Megan has been cooking up the proverbial storm lately, and we have been getting some really compelling shots of her delectable creations, from a pesto pizza to blueberry ice cream floats.
Enjoy, and if you start to get hungry, head over to Megan’s blog so you can make your own!

Photography: Cutter Gage

Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to have a photo shoot with Cutter Gage. Cutter is one of my colleagues at work and is an extremely talented musician/songwriter/worship leader.
He also has amazing shoes.

The Door

Two days ago Megan came across an amazing find at the Prairie Village Antique Mall- an actual barn door! And not just one, but two! The best part was that the door itself was only $30. Score. Now, inquiring readers may at this very moment be wondering what the discovery and purchase of a barn door would provoke such an exclamatory burst on an otherwise unassuming and toned-down blog. Basically...


I snapped this quick picture earlier this evening.
The basic idea is to set a long exposure time, toss the camera into the air and see what happens.
I gave the camera a bit of a twist on its way into the air, which happened to give me these nice swirls.

Photography: North

This past week Megan and I headed up north for a little bit of a vacation. Our first stop was in Cincinnati, where we visited my brother Joel, his wife Brooke and my niece Ashlyn. Among other auspicious events, we attended the Berry Festival, which was notable for having only one actual instance of anything related to berries. At any rate, Ashlyn had some fun on the rides, and particular the Foam...

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