Motion: rezlife 2011-2012

Every year for rezlife student ministries I end up creating a entire package of design collateral: a brochure, (this year a booklet) connection cards, signage, screen graphics, etc. Along with that I also make an intro video. This year was especially tricky in that I wasn’t really feeling any ideas for it, even up to the point of making it. However, crunch time has a way of forcing you to...

Anatomy of a Messy Office

Photoshop can be extremely unstable. Especially on my computer at work. It has this odd habit of crashing, and then taking about 15 minutes to complete the crashing process before I am able to use it again. Quite annoying. On Thursday it happened, and I was not inclined to simply sit patiently and wait, so I had a random idea of making a video. You see, I am not the most organized person in the...

Motion: Going Fishing

This is a promotional video I made for Church of the Resurrection’s upcoming series Going Fishing. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me, but I thought it was kind of fun.

Motion: 2011 VBC Missions

VBC 2011 Missions Video from deviantmonk on Vimeo. I created this video for KiDSCOR’s 2011 VBC Missions project, which is providing clean water to families in the village of El Obraje, Honduras. I chose to go with a crisp and clean aesthetic for this one, since the theme is water. As far as I remember, all of the graphics were generated within Motion, which is a change from my normal method...

Motion: The Real Social Network

The Real Social Network from deviantmonk on Vimeo. This video is a promo/series video for The Real Social Network, a 3 week series that is starting at Church of the Resurrection next week. I have to say that I really initially struggled with coming up with any kind of concept for this. One of the difficulties was with the series itself- the whole point is to use social networks and the...

Motion: The Pursuit

This video was created for my friend Eric’s youth groups’ summer camp for 2011. This year they are going with a tron-esque theme, and so I decided to kind of take it back to the old school Tron light-cycle vibe.

Motion: Bust a Move

I finished up this video about a month ago for rezlife’s summer 2011 camp. The whole aesthetic was actually built around the soundtrack- originally I was going to go with more of a 70’s vibe, but after hearing this track I thought that something with more of a late 80’s early 90’s feel might be nice. Hence the cool end of the color spectrum and some triangles flying...

Final Cut Studio?

In my recent post, I shared a few reactions to Apple’s unveiling- a sneak peek as they deemed it- of the upcoming Final Cut Pro X. (Interestingly, the presenter referred to it as ‘Final Cut Pro 10′ on a number of occasions. If the X really is a ’10,’ one sort of wonders what happened to 8 and 9…) The response to it across the interwebs have, as is true of any...

Final Cut Pro X

Last Tuesday at the Final Cut SuperMeet the world was given a sneak peek at Apple’s newest iteration of Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro X. I wasn’t there, but I’ve watched some of the videos floating around online of the presentation as well as read some write-ups and reactions by people who were there. Naturally, as the internet thrives on the needless multiplication of opinions...

Serenity the Scorpion

rezlife is starting a new series after spring break entitled ‘Grosser than Gross.’ My first stab at art direction for this series was a little too dark, so I decided to go with a cute and cuddly, albeit deadly scorpion named Serenity. Character videos are always fun, and it seemed to be well-received. And anytime you can use anime eyes, well, you have to. The animation was fairly...

Motion: Families

I finished up a new video today for KidsCOR’s series Families that begins this weekend. It actually came together fairly quickly, from script to final export, which is always nice.

Final Cut is Coming

A few days ago Tech Crunch reported that a new upgrade to Final Cut Pro is immanent. The last half year has been a little nerve-racking for those of us who use FCP day in and day out, as reports have surfaced that the team working on the Pro apps had been reassigned to work on iOS stuff, that it was actually going to be retooled to be more like iMovie, and other such things. Now, evidently, Apple...

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