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March of the Idiots (IV)

We humans are peculiar creatures among all the animals, for while the rest of the critters that roam this spinning rock do not try and obfuscate the reality of what they are or the things they do, one species has the innate capacity to wordsmith that which is not from that which is. This is, of course, accomplished most effectively with that most handy of linguistic devices, the euphemism...

March of the Idiots (III)

The last two weeks have taken their toll on me. I’ve been slammed with work, it’s been egregiously hot outside, and I haven’t been able to take my medication because of some miscommunications with a doctor’s office. One of the side effects of going off the med is mood alteration, usually tending towards a slight depression. Nothing major, mind you, but the days end up...

March of the Idiots (II)

The long-running Vaudeville act known as the Anglican Communion continues on its merry way, providing an inexhaustible supply of material for its detractors. The latest jaw-dopping exhibition was produced, directed and performed by Alison Taylor, the newly-appointed bishop of Melbourne, writing a defense of a gradualist position on abortion in response to the rubes who would dare challenge her...

March of the Idiots

The beauty about the internet is that it gives many people a forum in which to write that they would otherwise not have, exposing their ideas to wide swaths of people. And then there are those whose critical thinking skills are evidently so under-utilized and whose subsequent production is so idiotic that the things they write are simply brimming with unintentional hilarity. This past weekend an...

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