The Way to My Heart

The way to my heart is paved with black beans and a gooey four cheese blend.
Megan made some quesadillas and a black bean corn salad which were both quite amazing. But don’t take my word for it- visit her blog, get the recipe and make it for yourself!

Photography: Crown Center

Tonight Megan and I had our weekly date night. After sampling the festive fare of the inimitable Salty Iquana, complete with Iquana Dip and sopapillas, we headed out to Crown Center to walk. It has become one of our favorite spots, as there is lots of room to roam and plenty of things to do and see. Crown Center also holds some special memories for us, as our engagement pictures were taken there...

Photography: Fruit Cups

Megan made some really amazing dessert tonight- fruit cups! The fun twist on these is that the fruit is the cup.
So simple to make- just hollow out a huge strawberry, fill it with whipped cream, garnish with blueberries, and prepare your mouth for ecstasy.
While we were eating these, I snapped some pics, including an HDR shot.
Canon T2i
50mm 1.4
Topaz Adjust
Topaz DeNoise
Photoshop CS5

Photography: Downtown Wichita

This past weekend Megan and I took a trip down to Wichita to see my family and just enjoy a relaxing few days away from KC. As usual, we made the pilgrimage to The Nifty Nut House and The Spice Merchant. However, this time while we were in downtown Wichita we decided to take some pictures of some of the brilliant architecture. Downtown Wichita, like many downtown areas, is a decided study in...

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