When Worlds Collide

In a previous post I critiqued the supposed intersection of blockbuster movies and blockbuster video games argued here; namely, how there is a substantial difference between the bigness of games like Skyrim and the over-the-top-meant-to-distract-you-bigness of blockbuster films. In my original post I quoted what the author felt was a good example of a “big” game done right: the most recent...

I Took An Arrow In The Knee

I have to admit to being a pretty big Skyrim fan. I am currently on my fifth character, a Khajiit archer who is quickly leveling up his Sneak ability. Eventually I will level up his Smithing and Enchanting skills enough so that I can craft a Dragonbone bow that has both Lightning and Soul Capture abilities, a necklace and ring that gives me +40 Archery and health (each), and a Dragonbone helmet...

Jason Watson

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