The Door

Two days ago Megan came across an amazing find at the Prairie Village Antique Mall- an actual barn door! And not just one, but two! The best part was that the door itself was only $30. Score. Now, inquiring readers may at this very moment be wondering what the discovery and purchase of a barn door would provoke such an exclamatory burst on an otherwise unassuming and toned-down blog. Basically...

Photography: North

This past week Megan and I headed up north for a little bit of a vacation. Our first stop was in Cincinnati, where we visited my brother Joel, his wife Brooke and my niece Ashlyn. Among other auspicious events, we attended the Berry Festival, which was notable for having only one actual instance of anything related to berries. At any rate, Ashlyn had some fun on the rides, and particular the Foam...

Photography: Janelle & Brandon

This past Sunday I had another fun photo shoot with my friends Janelle and Brandon Gregory. They are really fun to hang out with, and also fun to take pictures of! I was a little worried, as it started raining a little bit on the way to the location, but about the time we stopped the cars it had abated, and ended up being quite a lovely day for taking some photos. The sun was a little...

Feet to Love

Love, we are told, is a many-splendored thing. This simple word can instantaneously evoke so many thoughts and emotions, as passion and affection, goodness and ecstasy ring around its guilded panoply. But brilliance cannot be beheld without balance, else it would blind rather than beatify. In the Gospels, Jesus is revealed in myriad images. He comes as a king, but in the raiments of a commoner...

Photography: Kara & David

This past weekend I had what amounted to my first ever photo shoot that didn’t:
1. involve my wife (as the subject)
2. involve food
3. involve trees or flowers
Rather, we headed to downtown KC with Megan’s brother David and his girlfriend Kara to get some fun shots.

Photography: Megan

Yesterday Megan and I headed downtown to do a little bit of location scouting for a photo shoot later today. Late spring’s heat was upon us in all its fury, with nary a cloud to assuage its fire. Nevertheless, it was still a lovely day, and we got a few good photos out of the deal.

Photography: Love

A few weekends ago Megan and I were down in Wichita visiting my family, and I took some pictures of my grandma’s new apartment.
This one is their wedding picture, and I really love it.

Photography: Botanica

Back in the beginning of this month Megan and I took a trip down to Wichita, KS to visit my family and to help my grandmother move into her new apartment. While we were there, we headed out to Botanica, The Wichita Gardens to enjoy the blooming flowers in the new light of the blossoming spring. Naturally, we brought the camera along to capture some of the beauty, which you will find below.


Yesterday Megan and I went over to Brandon and Janelle Gregory’s house for dinner and game night. I had been taking some pictures elsewhere before we arrived, and once I got there I though it might be fun to get some pics of their cats, Sherlock, Frannie and Zooey.

Lights! Camera! Action!

This last week I finished up a new piece for rezlife’s upcoming series, Lights! Camera! Action! I generally do animation for the videos I create, but wanted to go a bit of a different direction with this one. About a week prior Megan and I had purchased a 50mm lens for our Canon T2i, and I really wanted to see what kind of videos I could get out of it. Rewind to last Tuesday, which was...

New Lens

Megan and I finally got a prime lens this week- Canon’s 50mm 1.4. We end up doing a lot of photography for Megan’s food site- The Fresh Fridge– so getting a good prime lens was an inevitability. Our apartment, while having a lovely view of a tiny forested area with a creek immediately behind it, simultaneously suffers from a lack of good natural light. Since the trees are so...

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

This past weekend we celebrated the life of one of the most incredible people who have ever lived- my grandpa, Dean Watson. Of everyone I have ever known, he exemplifies the love and grace of God the most. As I think back on his life and all the memories we shared, I am reminded of the words of 1 John 4:16: And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love...

The Resurrection and the Life

Spirit groans, so that flesh would come to life. Life groans, so that death would be put to flight. God groans, so that humanity would rise.[1. Peter Crysologus, Sermon 65.1] “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”[2. 1 Corinthians 15:55 TNIV] In the famous courtroom scene from one of my favorite movies, A Man for All Seasons, St. Thomas More is being tried for his...

Let sleeping dogs lie

Yesterday Megan and I were at her mom’s house carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin seeds and other delectable items. We had our camera along to take some pictures for Megan’s amazing food blog, and I decided to photographically bother one of their dogs. This cute little West Highland Terrier is Molly, and she evidently didn’t mind me getting up in her face and snapping some pictures...

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