Extreme Adventure 2011

rezlife’s 2011 Extreme Adventure retreat is coming up, (can you believe it is November already!) and so we have begun promoting it and opening up registration. This is a postcard we will be sending out. I don’t usually use this kind of color combination, and it was more of an accident than anything, but as I was working through it, I kind of liked it and it grew on me, so I decided to...

Sad Bird, Happy Bird

New video for rezlife this week- Sticks and Stones.
This 2 week series for 7th/8th graders is on the things we say, bullying- you know, all those fun middle school issues we all remember so fondly. As I was coming up with a concept for this, I wasn’t having much luck really thinking of anything that would speak to this subject.

Thank You

For my 30th birthday party my wife had all the guests make these little square mod podges using magazines, paper and other things like that. It was pretty sweet. I made this in about 6 minutes. I was walking around the kitchen and found some receipts that were from our previous shopping excursion that day. Then I grabbed a random technology magazine from about 10 years ago (some of the computers...

Jason Watson

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