Deliver the Deliverer

Deliver the Deliverer Over the past few months I have been immensely enjoying the musical stylings of The Last Bison. (formerly known just as Bison) I discovered them on NoiseTrade and was hooked immediately on their tantalizing blend of mountain-top chamber music. One song in particular found its place on repeat for about two hours: Iscariot. It starts off with a haunting mix of guitar and...

Presentation is Everything

In any large box bookstore you will more than likely find an entire shelf lined end to end- and perhaps even two or three shelves high- with Bibles. The Green Bible, The Message, The Princess Bible, (yes, it’s true.) the New Living Translation, The King James Version; the sheer amount of English translations and versions is almost overwhelming. And the Bible continues to be a perennial best...

Jason Watson

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