The Bible Jumps the Shark

I happened to catch a little bit of the premiere of the History Channel’s mini-series The Bible. The glimpses I stole were in between eating lasagna, savoring some tasty pie, playing Taboo and watching Megan open presents, so I cannot pretend my observations are completely valid. That will not, however, stop me from opining. As we were waiting to start the game, the story of the two angels...

Deliver the Deliverer

Deliver the Deliverer Over the past few months I have been immensely enjoying the musical stylings of The Last Bison. (formerly known just as Bison) I discovered them on NoiseTrade and was hooked immediately on their tantalizing blend of mountain-top chamber music. One song in particular found its place on repeat for about two hours: Iscariot. It starts off with a haunting mix of guitar and...

Presentation is Everything

In any large box bookstore you will more than likely find an entire shelf lined end to end- and perhaps even two or three shelves high- with Bibles. The Green Bible, The Message, The Princess Bible, (yes, it’s true.) the New Living Translation, The King James Version; the sheer amount of English translations and versions is almost overwhelming. And the Bible continues to be a perennial best...

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