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The Character Animation Script Guide

After Effects can be a great tool for creating all sorts of character animations, but sometimes it’s great to have a little help. In this guide, we’ll be looking at some must-have scripts to help you take your character animation to the next level. These are all scripts I personally use and have found helpful, and I hope you will as well! DUIK (Free!)   DUIK is one of the best scripts for...

Line Starburst Animation

For a recent project I was wanting to create a line-based starburst animation with varying segments within the line “bursts.” The animation is pretty straightforward, but I didn’t really want to spend much time on the artwork itself. Fortunately, using the Transform and Path Erase tools make this process pretty quick and effortless. Check out the video for the whole process that...

After Effects Wishlist

Ever since I first jumped headfirst into After Effects back in 2010, the application has gotten better and better. However, as with any piece of software that one works with on a day-to-day basis, there are always those “I really wish I could do this!” moments or “Wouldn’t it be great if Ae had this!” functionality privations. What follows is an entirely-subjective-and-likely-applicable-only-to...

Delectable Gradient Maps

I am excited to release this fun pack of 45 gradient map presets for both After Effects and Photoshop. Perfect for creating quick duo-tone or tri-tone images for your social media needs or for just subtly adding interesting color corrections to your images. These presets are flexible and easily modifiable, so you create nearly infinite varieties of looks. Installation instructions are included in...

Variable Width Write-On Text

If you’ve ever wanted to animate the write-on of any text, you know that it can be tricky. It’s even more difficult when the text has a variable width; for example, a lot of brush or script fonts. This technique uses one shape layer with multiple paths to give you fine-tuned control over your text write-on, and helps you achieve a more natural and organic look. As a bonus...

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