Anatomy of a Messy Office


Photoshop can be extremely unstable. Especially on my computer at work. It has this odd habit of crashing, and then taking about 15 minutes to complete the crashing process before I am able to use it again.

Quite annoying.

On Thursday it happened, and I was not inclined to simply sit patiently and wait, so I had a random idea of making a video.

You see, I am not the most organized person in the world.

Nor do I have what might be called a ‘clutter-free’ workspace.

Thus, I deemed it appropriate to create an impromptu homage to my messiness. I shot this all with my Canon T2i, only making using of the small desk lamp I use to illuminate the office, as well as the ambient light streaming in through the window.

Poignant and possibly profound, I give you, Anatomy of a Messy Office.



By deviantmonk

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