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I recently wrote an article for entitled Always Beautiful.

This particular post is the latest in a sort of running series I have going there dealing with the philosophical and theological underpinnings of art and beauty. In Always Beautiful I briefly look at the concept of the beautiful as explored in a passage from Dionysius the Areopagite and as it relates to the beautiful in its own sort of mature or ideal time. I also give a glance at one of the terms used for beautiful in the New Testament.

A snippet:

The beautiful has its times, and the artist is someone who is constantly looking for and- most importantly- waiting for them. Just as Juliet’s rose may smell sweet no matter what its name, in the dead of winter it may be withered and putrid. The pressures of life and of jobs and of deadlines often try to move the growth along, and sometimes we even settle for the plastic variety in a pinch.

More’s the pity…

…at the end of the story our lives are aimed towards the beautiful, because Dionysius’ Super-Essential Beauty- God himself- spreads out the rays of his beauty and light upon us all. We catch glimpses here and there, and like the waning moon sometimes shine a little bit with a borrowed radiance before we are seen no more.

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Always Beautiful

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