A Brief Reprieve


This past weekend I had the first two days in over a month when I actually felt like getting out of bed. Chemo can take its toll, and it has been hitting me really hard for the last couple of weeks, but fortunately I was granted a brief respite from the nausea and fatigue to enjoy the beautiful autumn that we are having.

My friend Alex lent me his Canon 5D Mark II, and so Megan and I headed out into nature to capture both its beauty as well the beauty of my lovely wife. 🙂

I might have been a rather amusing sight, since when I’m outside I have to wear a mask. So here’s this guy with a surgical mask on with a huge camera around his neck, trying to take pictures without falling over from exhaustion.

Hmm… perhaps it’s funnier to me. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy!


By deviantmonk

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